10 Realistic Honeymoon Gifts For Couples

The beginning of the honeymoon can be made with proper honeymoon gifts. Before they set out a lifelong memorable journey, a couple can give these gifts to each other. To express your unparalleled love for your spouse, you can buy various innovative, beautiful and romantic items. Many times it is not possible to express our love and true feeling through words. A gift is a great idea to express what your heart feels about loving one.

The occasion for which everyone waits once in his or her lifetime is marriage. Tying off a knot between two people ties them forever. To make the bonding of this marriage stronger, people go for a long honeymoon tour soon after their marriage.

Some of the best gifts for a honeymoon couple are :

1. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a bit old fashioned however has always been the most common honeymoon gift idea that you can always bank on, it is not the card itself that makes it great however it’s the message that you write inside it that makes it really special.

You write a single word or just a few lines however just ensure it touches your loved one and should be something that your loved one can relate to

It is believed to be the universal way of charming your loved one. A relaxing massage on greeting cards can help you two to de-stress after the hectic wedding plans. There can be a self-written poetry on greeting cards to express the love of a couple. This is undoubtedly the best gift item for a couple madly in love with each other, wanting to express their feelings.

2. Flowers

Though common, it is the best idea to gift your partner beautiful honeymoon flowers’ bunch and thus, with the help of innocent words of flowers you can promise that you will be with him/her throughout your life.

Flowers can never lie and so through them, you can say that you actually care. Some of the honeymoon flowers are rose, daffodils, lilies, primrose, daisies, orchids, carnations, tulips, and chrysanthemum.

Not only for your honeymoon but also for the rest of your life flowers are a sound gift to keep your love alive forever.

3. Jewelry

It is an all-time favorite gift of brides. You can impress her by giving some traditional jewelry item. A jewelry box can also be a different gift idea for a honeymoon. As girls are much fond of jewelry, they will really like it.

4. Romantic Basket

It will be best to gift the romantic basket available in many stores to enjoy a perfect honeymoon holiday. It consists of various lotions, oils, books and games which can make the honeymoon experience more romantic, exciting and be enjoying.

You can also go for some exotic chocolate baskets and enjoy them while in the bed, the reason I prefer chocolate is due to the fact that it lightens up your love life.

5. Embroidered Hats

Embroidered hats are one of the most common honeymoon gift ideas. A couple can wear them while walking on a sunny beach. The names of the couple can be interwoven on the hat along with ‘Just Married’ tag. They look different than other hats and will even show an undying love of the couple.

I know this one is a bit geeky but all is fair when you are love and love makes you do all kind of geeky stuff. Forget the world and forget who is going to judge you just get some awesome hats and enjoy this time.

6. Lingerie

Let’s turn on the heat with some beautiful lingerie, hide them and let your wife be surprised when she finds them. This will make things little more fun.

A couple of things you need to ensure is the size and the most suited color, however, according to me, the most important thing is the brand just because women love their lingerie more than their jewelry so do invest some time and money in research on the most admired brands.

Make sure your pick should also make her feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, this is definitely hard work but trust me the results would be similarly fruitful.

7. Life Insurance

I agree, this one sounds a lot serious however it is one of the best ways to show that you are thinking of the present and the future as well, remember your vows, you promised to take care of her, so a life insurance as gift would showcase your loved one that you will take care of her even after you are gone. God forbid that it should happen ever. It will bring down the tears and emotions will run high with this gift.

This gift needs to be handed over with a lot of affection so make sure you first sit down and hold her hand, then tell her that you love her and will take care of her and everything that you love about her, then at the right time hand it over.

8. New Wedding Ring

When you proposed to her, you may not have planned it well and went with a ring that was quickly and cost-effectively available, is this is the case then a new wedding ring is definitely the greatest honeymoon gift ever.

Remember, she has to show off that ring to everyone and her friends will probably talk about it when you are not there. Some also judge your love with the size of the ring, therefore be sure your lady is well-taken care off in all these aspects.

It may be a bit heavy on your pocket but definitely will be worth your spend.

9. A New House

As a man, it may come easy for one to bring in your wife into your life, however, think about your wife and make her comfortable.

The statistical study shows that a new married couple who love to a new house has a higher marriage sustainability ratio.

Come to think of it, it does make sense. When you buy a house, the couple will decorate it together, shop for the house together and in this process will get to know each other even further, ok so you would say that we have been living together for years now and we know each other very well. This is certainly true but the feeling of marriage itself is totally different from when you were boyfriend & girlfriend, it is something holy and done with the hope to last forever therefore when you buy a new house and work hard to make it a home you truly start feeling the importance of your loved one.

As compared to moving into a house built say for the husband or wife will take an adjustment from one or the other which leads to conflicts in the early stages of marriage there buying or rent a new house is certainly one of the best honeymoon gifts for couples.

10. Offer Yourself

This one is the last but the most crucial gift of them all, gift yourself to your better half.

By this I mean, offer her/him your attention, your time, your love, your feelings, your trust, your inner self, offer them your secrets, build that bond that will make you complete.

Once you do this you will be strong and can rely on each other blindly. Never walk away from each other and never let any third person no matter whoever it may be talking on your behalf because your love deserves to hear you and just you.

There will be fights and may be trouble in paradise but as long as you have each other no one or nothing can break you and you will always come out as winners.





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