Honeymoon Planning

Do you feel frustrated with how to plan a honeymoon? Or just need some direction with the many advertisements being pushed on you? Start early and give it a lot of thought and you can have a memorable vacation. Ask your newlywed friends for advice and you will surely see the benefit. We’ve broken the process into 5 planning steps to make it easy to follow.

  1. What’s Your Style? This is the most fundamental question that you two must figure out as a couple. If only one person is planning, make sure you ask the other about their vacation style. Just because your fiance has said many times that she would love to backpack across Europe, doesn’t mean she will want to do that the week after wedding chaos, so plan ahead! Go to our Honeymoon Quiz page for more detailed questions to consider while determining your style and a quiz to narrow it down for you!
  2. Pick a Destination! Now it’s time to pick your destination city, country or island. Refer to our Destination Guide for great ideas on how to pick your destination! Keep important factors in mind, like the local weather during your month of travel, tourist seasons, off-season rates for saving money and the hottest spots for couples.
  3. Resort of Your Dreams Picking your hotel, resort or cruise ship is a tricky thing. It can make or break your vacation. This is also where you will see tons of advertisements pressing you to pick a certain place to stay. Some key points to consider is how much time will you spend in your room or at the resort, how much luxury do you need and what types of amenities are important. Look at our Pick Your Hotel page for more tips. Once you have some hotels in mind, read what couples say about them. Don’t just book off of a beautiful internet photo or you might end up with a honeymoon disaster! Our resort finder has reviews of resorts by newlyweds, so see what they say about your hotel. Don’t forget to give a review when you return to help other couples!
  4. Travel Agent or Online Booking? Online travel bookings are very commonplace, but be careful that all the special touches you want are reserved correctly. Honeymoon travel agents will double-check your reservations and make sure that everything you ask for is there for you. Some travel agents have stayed at or visited the hotels that you are interested in, which is a plus when trying to narrow down a choice. If you book online, call the resort directly after the reservation is made and right before you debark, to verify ALL aspects of your stay (room view, in-room amenities, excursions…). Packages are often the way to go to get more for your money.
  5. Prepare to Leave Well, all the big decisions are made and now you need to get all the pieces together.